Webinar 1: Trauma-informed Practice for Challenging Behaviours

The Student Wellbeing Hub's webinar focused on how an understanding of trauma can help inform strategies and approaches to support student learning and wellbeing by Rebecca Harris from Carlton Primary School in Victoria.

Watch the webinar and review her slides below as she explores trauma-informed practice for challenging behaviours.

Check out more of Rebecca's work through her website: www.traumainformedpractice.com.au

Webinar 2: Student Wellbeing Framework walk through

This recent webinar provided the background to the development of the new Framework for wellbeing and safety of all Australian school children. Each of the five interconnected elements was explored and practical strategies for effective implementation outlined.

Watch the webinar and access the slide presentation to discover how the Framework can support you to build wellbeing and safety for your whole school community.

Learn more about the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework