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A new national framework to support whole-school wellbeing and safety has been released. If you’ve started the National Safe Schools Framework modules, don't worry we’ll send you an email notification well in advance with plenty of time for you to complete them and receive your certificates aligned to the National Safe Schools Framework and the AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers.

The Hub’s professional learning modules provide high quality professional learning to help schools engage positively with current and future challenges in an ever-changing contemporary world.

These free, self-paced modules will help you to:

  • build your knowledge of key topics for whole-school safety and wellbeing
  • access information and advice that is current, research-informed, relevant and targeted to primary and secondary contexts
  • communicate with parents about important issues
  • reflect on your practice.

After completing the topic modules you will receive a Certificate aligned to the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework and the AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers.

National Safe Schools Framework

The National Safe Schools Framework outlines the important role of creating and maintaining safe and supportive school communities that build respectful relationships. The Framework is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and the individual national, state and territory initiatives, policies and legislative frameworks currently in place to support students’ safety and wellbeing.

Discover how the Framework supports you to ensure a safe and supportive school climate. Videos, case studies, research and practical advice will bring the Framework to life for use in your school context.

Topic modules

The Hub aims to keep educators up to date on topics that impact on the safety and wellbeing of students. Being well informed supports you to plan a whole-school approach to student wellbeing and to provide accurate and appropriate information to students and parents.

Resilient and Inclusive Classrooms

Why do students engage in harmful behaviour? Discover what research tells us about risk and protective factors. Learn how to promote resilience within your students. Build an inclusive classroom climate.

Online Safety

Discover all about the online world and how you can help students to be safe and responsible digital citizens. Find practical tips for ensuring you and your students get the most out of time online.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Build your understanding of important issues for students related to drug and alcohol education. Your students will face situations where they need to make informed decisions so it’s important to separate the myths from the facts.