This course will enable you to reflect upon and enhance your professional practice, and to improve outcomes for your students. 

Build your understanding of alcohol and other drugs in the Australian context and approaches to alcohol and drugs education in schools. This free self-paced course will equip you with current information, links to quality resources and best-practice approaches for teaching students the skills to build resilience and make informed choices when they are confronted with decisions about legal and illegal substances.

This course comprises three modules:

  • Context of drug use and responses
  • Drugs and their effects
  • What works in drug education and what doesn't?

Educators have a pivotal role in developing whole-school policies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every member of the school community – and in building positive and effective communication with parents and caregivers.

Each module in this course is accompanied by a podcast in which experts in the field discuss key aspects of alcohol and drug research and practice.

Choose from three free modules
Self paced modules
Resources and links
Certificate of completion for the course

What's in the course?

  • Three free informative modules
  • Complete the self-paced modules at any time
Module 1

Introduction and context of drug use and responses

Discover the facts and dispel the myths about drugs. Learn about harm minimisation and the role of the media in reporting drug use.

Module 2

Drugs and their effects

Learn more about licit and illicit drugs and their effects on the teenage brain. Find effective strategies for communicating with parents about drugs.

Module 3

What works in school drug education

Discover evidence-based drug education programs and the role you can play in supporting students to make informed choices.

What you'll receive

Lesson plans
Case studies