This course will develop your understanding of online safety and highlight how schools and teachers can assist students to maximise their safety when using the internet, social media and other forms of digital technology. It will equip you with current information and provide links to quality resources and best-practice approaches for teaching students the skills and behaviours of good digital citizenship.

This free self-paced professional learning course comprises three modules.

  • eSafety and health
  • Digital citizenship
  • Managing online activities
Choose from three free modules
Self paced modules
Resources and links
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What's in the course?

  • Three free informative modules
  • Complete the self-paced modules at any time
Module 1

Introduction and eSafety and health

Learn how to promote safe internet use and support your students to develop skills for dealing with cyberbullying.

Module 2

Digital citizenship

Discover ways to develop students’ responsible social networking skills and their skills for protecting their privacy and their digital reputation.

Module 3

Managing online activities

Find tips for teaching about the risks related to online gaming, violent media, pornography and unwanted online contact and grooming.

What you'll receive

Lesson plans
Case studies