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Learning Area Civics and Citizenship
General Capabilities Intercultural Understanding


Written by Professor Fethi Mansouri, Dr. Louise Jenkins, Dr Michael Leach and Dr Lucas Walsh
Published by Melbourne University Publishing
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Humanities and Social Sciences

ACHCK078 (Yr 9) The key principles of Australia’s justice system, including equality before the law, independent judiciary, and right of appeal

ACHCK079 (Yr 9) How and why individuals and groups, including religious groups, participate in and contribute to civic life

ACHCK080 (Yr 9) The influence of a range of media, including social media, in shaping identities and attitudes to diversity

ACHCK081 (Yr 9) How ideas about and experiences of Australian identity are influenced by global connectedness and mobility

ACHCS084 (Yr 9) Critically evaluate information and ideas from a range of sources in relation to civics and citizenship topics and issues

ACHCS085 (Yr 9) Account for different interpretations and points of view

ACHCS086 (Yr 9) Recognise and consider multiple perspectives and ambiguities, and use strategies to negotiate and resolve contentious issues

ACHCS089 (Yr 9) Reflect on their role as a citizen in Australian, regional and global contexts

ACHCK094 (Yr 10) The challenges to and ways of sustaining a resilient democracy and cohesive society