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Exciting news! A new framework and school self-assessment tool will be available soon. Don’t worry if you’ve started an audit or have existing surveys. We’ll send you an email notification well in advance with plenty of time for you to complete your audit and save your surveys. You can also stay up to date by signing up to the Student Wellbeing Hub newsletter.

How safe, supportive and respectful is the learning environment at your school? Would you like to find out?

Assessment isn’t just for students! Measuring the wellbeing of a school is an integral step in improving outcomes for all and is an ongoing process.

The School Audit Tool helps schools to:

  • assess essential elements that contribute to the wellbeing of the whole school community
  • review their policies and practices to create a positive school culture
  • make informed judgements about the extent to which they have created and maintained a learning environment where students feel a sense of belonging and can thrive
  • implement practical strategies for improvement.

Underpinned by the National Safe Schools Framework, the Audit Tool can be used as a whole-staff activity or completed by teachers individually.

Use the results of the audit as a great starting point for conversations about the safety and wellbeing of the whole school community.