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Focus areas are those identified as key priorities for educators, parents and students in the creation and maintenance of a safe and supportive school community.

Wellbeing is the combination of a person's intellectual, physical, mental, emotional and social health. The National Safe Schools Framework's whole-school approach to wellbeing aims to help schools create safe, supportive and respectful teaching and learning communities where everyone's wellbeing is important.

  • Students who feel safe and valued and have a sense of belonging at school can begin to develop healthy and respectful relationships within that community.
  • This leads to greater self-esteem and improved learning outcomes.

The digital world has become part of our everyday lives. It provides us with quick and easy access to information, social networking and entertainment. These things can offer great benefits. They also pose challenges and risks for the unwary. We all need to be made aware of these potential risks, and to build the skills necessary to successfully and safely be a part of the digital world.


Find information and resources to promote wellbeing in your school community.

Online Safety

Discover advice and strategies to build awareness of online safety.