Practical tips for supporting students in the new school year

Last year, we sat down with teachers and psychologists to discuss practical strategies for supporting student wellbeing in the classroom and school during times of uncertainty. 

During the conversation, the panellists recommended treating the return to school as an 'adjustment period'. This provides students with a comfortable and safe space, allowing a sense of control and familiarity amid a time of heightened uncertainty. 

'Part of mental health is feeling like you're connected, and you belong, but also that you're purposeful and that you're achieving,’ said community psychologist Dr Lyn O'Grady. For students, 'that needs to be realistic and manageable – learning needs to be safe.'  

Treating the return to school as an adjustment period allows time for celebrating togetherness through fun activities that can help ease students back into the school environment and settle into the new year.

Resources to support student wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Hub is a fantastic place to start; it's a central online space with information, resources, and professional development for educators, students, and parents to promote young people's wellbeing and resilience.

The Hub houses a professional learning course for educators about Building Student Resilience which explores the latest research about resilience and showcases how other school communities have responded to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and other events.

This course gives educators the knowledge to plan strategies for classrooms and the whole school environment to sustain resilient attitudes and practices.

The Hub is also home to a selection of valuable wellbeing resources for students, which can support young people to learn how to manage their wellbeing and understand the importance of mental health.

The available parent resources support parents and carers searching for information and ways to ensure their child's learning journey is safe and positive.

Explore the Student Wellbeing Hub and discover the breadth of tools and resources available to support those involved in the wellbeing of students.