Staff presentation slides

Wellbeing and the survey check tool

This slide presentation has been designed to help staff at your school:

  • explore the concept of wellbeing and its importance
  • review the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework
  • discover some tools for identifying gaps in wellbeing policies, approaches and processes
  • investigate resources to address areas needing attention
  • take the School Wellbeing Check survey

The slides can be adjusted to suit your own school context.

Survey questions

Handy printable version

Looking to review the questions before taking the survey? This document can be printed for use:

  • as an activity to accompany the staff presentation
  • for schools or staff without access to the online version

Keep in mind that a digital report of the survey can only be generated from the online version.

Sample report

Preview the results

Want to know what the report looks like? Take a look at this sample report from the School Wellbeing Check survey tool.


Having problems? Find solutions to common queries.


Password not working? The student wellbeing hub has several different features that each require different login accounts. Be sure you're using the right login details. You may need to create a new password.


There are two types of surveys. You can take individual surveys or participate in group surveys. Individual surveys are private and the results can only be seen by you.

Group surveys are typically set up by a school leader. You will receive an email invitation to participate in these. They are a great way to share responses and compare wellbeing approaches to make a difference in your school. Keep track of these under Surveys on your dashboard. Note the Individual or Group types.


Whether it's collaborating with a department or within the whole school, the Group survey allows you to obtain the feedback you need. 

Group survey owners – when you invite participants they will need to create their OWN account (and not use the owner’s credentials). Participants will receive an invitation to take the survey via email.


We have found that some users have issues with older browsers, especially Internet Explorer. Try using a current browser for a better experience. Alternatively, you could take the survey using your phone or other device. 

Further questions

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About this survey

This school assessment survey helps to identify and analyse your school’s wellbeing. It contains 25 statements that encourage you to think about how your school performs across the five key elements of the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework.