Staff Presentation: Wellbeing and the Survey Check tool

Download the powerpoint presentation to use or amend to suit your own school context. Learn more about wellbeing and learning and how the Check tool can help.

The School Wellbeing Check Survey questions

Find a handy printable copy of the survey questions

These survey questions can be printed and distributed for use as an activity to accompany the staff presentation, especially useful if staff don’t have access to the internet to complete the survey online.  Although a digital report of the survey won’t be generated, educators can share their responses with colleagues and contribute to discussions about strategies for addressing areas identified for improvement in wellbeing practices and approaches.

The survey can also be used as a stand-alone activity, as a once-off or regularly throughout the year to monitor the wellbeing health of your school.

Sample Report

Explore what the Wellbeing Check survey will look like.

Take a look at this sample report from the School Wellbeing Check survey tool.

Troubleshooting Guide

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Getting started

Create your School Wellbeing Check account at

Keep track of your password for this account as we have several different platforms that require different types of passwords.


There are two types of surveys, ones you can undertake individually to keep track yourself or ones done as a group. Group surveys are a great way to share responses and compare wellbeing approaches to make a difference in your school. You can keep track of these under the Surveys heading by noting whether the type is as an Individual or as a Group.


Whether it's collaborating with a department or within the whole school, the Group survey allows you to obtain the feedback you need. 

To start a group you do need a minimum of 6 people and you will need a minimum of 6 people to have completed the survey to close off a group.

Group survey owners – when you invite participants they will need to create their OWN account (and not use the owner’s credentials).

Browser issues

We have found that some users have issues with older browsers, especially Internet Explorer. You could try updating your browser, however we have found that many users switching to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge have encountered a better experience.

Further questions

If you are having issues, send us an email at so we can assist in resolving the problem.

Your School Wellbeing Check


This school assessment survey helps to identify and analyse your school’s wellbeing. It contains 25 statements that encourage you to think about how your school performs across the five key elements of the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework.