Who are we ?

The Student Wellbeing Hub has been developed by Education Services Australia for the Australian Government Department of Education. We work with experts, academics, teachers and leaders, professional associations and industry providers to support the education community in Australia. 

The Hub is the home of the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework, which is based on evidence of the clear links between safety, wellbeing and learning.

What’s the aim of the Hub?

The Hub’s central aim is to support Australian schools to be learning communities that promote student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships so that students can reach their full potential. The Hub is underpinned by the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework (2018).

What does the Hub provide?

The Hub provides high quality, age-appropriate information and resources targeted specifically to educators, parents and students to support student wellbeing and safety. The educator area contains free, self-paced and certificated professional learning courses on a range of key topics for schools. The parent area contains advice, information and guides to support them navigate their children’s journey through school. Students can access games, quizzes and information about issues most important to them.


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