Student wellbeing and career resilience in a rapidly changing world

Our friends at myFuture are hosting two new webinars with community psychologist Dr Lyn O'Grady. Dr O'Grady has previously delivered a webinar for the Student Wellbeing Hub (scroll down to view the recording) and is the author of our Principal Teacher and Wellbeing professional learning module.

Teachers and career practitioners session

When: Tuesday 22 June 2021, 04:00pm AEST

Addressing masculinities as part of a whole-of-school approach to respectful relationships education

Dr Shane Tas from Our Watch discusses strategies and actions to actively challenge dominant forms and patterns of masculinity that are associated with higher rates of violence against women in our society, and to engage men and boys in positive change within the school community.

Unpacking the Man Box

Create calmer and more connected classrooms

Paul Zappa and Jianyun Tao from The Men's Project at Jesuit Social Services unpack their research on the Man Box. You'll gain insights into the social pressures placed on boys and men to adhere to outdated masculinity stereotypes and the impact this can have on their wellbeing.

A celebration of culture and respect

Young people from refugee backgrounds show leadership in preventing family violence
Glenn Flanagan from Companion House shares reflections, key questions and lessons learned from working with young people from diverse refugee backgrounds on preventing family violence.

Challenges and opportunities for preservice teachers in 2020

Being a preservice teacher in 2020 is unlike anything anyone has ever experienced.

Nicole Brownlie is a lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland. Join her as she explores the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brings and also look at some of the incredible opportunities it offers.

Dr Lyn O'Grady webinar thumbnail

Building hope and resilience during extraordinary times of change

This webinar looks at the likely impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on school communities and explore what research suggests will be helpful for school staff in adjusting to school life during and beyond the current pandemic.

Join community psychologist Dr Lyn O’Grady as she encourages school staff to reflect on their current experiences and develop a personal wellbeing plan that will be supportive and adaptable as change continues to occur.

Mindfulness Meditation – Cultivating Presence, Awareness and Connection

In this webinar you’ll discover what Mindfulness is all about, including modes of being, aspects of the mind, styles and methods of practice, as well as experiencing the practice of mindfulness meditation.

Nicole Lee is internationally certified in both Modern and Classical styles of Qigong. She is also trained in meditation and mindfulness and holds a Bachelors Degree in Complementary Medicine.

Trauma-informed Practice for Challenging Behaviours

The Student Wellbeing Hub's webinar focused on how an understanding of trauma can help inform strategies and approaches to support student learning and wellbeing by Rebecca Harris from Carlton Primary School in Victoria.

Check out more of Rebecca's work through her website:

Student Wellbeing Framework walk through

This webinar provides a background to the development of the new Framework for wellbeing and safety of all Australian school children. Each of the five interconnected elements are explored and practical strategies for effective implementation outlined.