Australian Student Wellbeing Framework

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework supports schools to give every student a strong foundation so that they can reach their aspirations in learning and in life.

The Framework is based on evidence of the strong link between safety, wellbeing and learning. The Framework supports Australian schools to be learning communities that promote student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships so that students can reach their full potential.

Wellbeing Topics

These topics can help the whole school community to create and maintain a safe, supportive and respectful learning environment.

Find content tailored to primary and secondary learning. 

Respectful relationships

This primary prevention initiative aims to promote positive attitudes, behaviours and equality within the school community. Provide learning opportunities that develop social and emotional skills in Australian children and young people.

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  • Find out what students think of this initiative
  • Watch primary teachers in action
  • Find practical resources for F–6
  • Access free online professional learning

Respectful relationships

Everyone in the school community deserves to be respected, valued and treated equally. A whole-school approach to teaching, modelling and valuing respectful behaviour creates an inclusive and positive learning environment where wellbeing can thrive.

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  • Learn more about collaborative learning
  • Access planning and evaluation tools

Wellbeing Resources

Explore resources that assist with teaching and learning about wellbeing.

Find free, quality-assured, age-appropriate and curriculum-aligned resources in a variety of formats to help you create and maintain a safe, inclusive and positive learning environment.

About wellbeing

As educators, we know about the important link between wellbeing and learning.

Wellbeing is linked to enhanced learning outcomes, academic achievement, mental health and responsible life choices. We know that a safe, respectful and inclusive environment enables students to feel connected and engaged in their learning and this lays the foundation for them to reach their potential in learning and in life.

Read more about wellbeing, national programs and frameworks that support schools to enact practices to foster wellbeing and learning.

Evidence and research

The Student Wellbeing Hub keeps you up to date with the latest research and evidence about effective teaching practices to enhance school-aged children and young people's wellbeing and protect their safety.

Through collective effort, school leaders, teachers and parents provide a safe and supportive environment for learning. This section will do the hard work for you of translating insights from the latest evidence and research into practical everyday actions within Australian schools. Learn from experts and find practical professional learning resources. 

Professional Learning Courses

The Hub's professional learning courses provide current, evidence-informed and practical information and strategies to help schools engage positively with challenges that impact on student wellbeing and learning in an ever-changing world.

These free, self-paced modules will build your knowledge of whole-school safety and wellbeing. Access information, advice and resources relevant to primary and secondary contexts, and discover ways to communicate with parents about important issues. Reflect on your teaching practice and build your capacity to enhance wellbeing and student learning outcomes.

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) provides knowledge, guidance and resources to support educators to maximise their impact on learners.

AITSL delivers evidence-based policies to grow, inspire and empower Australian education, as well as user-friendly tools to support implementation.