Explore the latest research about resilience. Learn how school communities have responded to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and other events. Plan strategies from the classroom to the whole school environment to sustain resilient attitudes and practices.

Three linked modules provide opportunities for individuals or school teams to:

  • identify factors that influence students’ experiences of and reactions to adversity, including the latest research relating to resilience
  • consider how school staff can effectively support students’ resilience through the 5 elements that build student wellbeing
  • develop a plan for building students’ resilience as part of a whole school approach.
Choose from 3 modules
Certificate for completion of each module
Self-paced learning

What’s in the course?

The course consists of 3 modules. Each module can be completed as a stand-alone professional learning experience with an accompanying certificate. Given that Topic 1 introduces foundational concepts which are referred to in later modules, we recommend that you complete Topic 1 prior to undertaking Topics 2 or 3.

Module 1

Exploring resilience

Resilience is a useful and hopeful concept, particularly following disasters such as bushfires and pandemics. This module will look at students’ resilience.

Module 3

Developing a plan

Find resources and tools in this module that will help you create a personal plan that focuses on building students’ resilience across five key areas.

What you’ll receive

Case studies