Learn about the important relationship between wellbeing and learning. Explore the Framework in depth to discover practical strategies, resources and references. These help you to build positive, safe, inclusive and respectful learning communities where wellbeing can flourish.

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework supports schools to build learning communities that promote student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships. This can enhance student learning outcomes and provide a strong foundation for students to reach their aspirations in learning and in life.

Discover how the Framework can help prepare you for your teaching career.

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Self paced modules
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What's in the course?

  • Two free informative modules
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Module 1

Background to the Framework

Discover how the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework has grown and developed since its inception, and how it has been informed by successive reviews and contemporary research into the link between wellbeing and learning.

Module 2

Engaging with the Framework

Step through the five interconnected elements of the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework. Learn about each of the principles underpinning the Framework and how the effective practices can be applied in school contexts.

What you'll receive

Lesson plans
Case studies