When educators have a strong sense of wellbeing they are more able to support the health and wellbeing of their colleagues and their students, and to deliver the best possible learning outcomes for all.

Schools are complex and often challenging environments with a variety of stressors impacting the health and wellbeing of educators as they respond to the needs of their students and their families. It’s vitally important to explore practical strategies that educators can implement to reduce stress and help build healthy, supportive learning communities where everyone can thrive.
Discover more about wellbeing and how the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework supports educator wellbeing as a foundation for whole-school social and emotional health for learning.

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What's in the course?

Module 1

Exploring educator wellbeing

Learn the importance of building and maintaining your wellbeing as a foundation for effective and rewarding teaching and learning.

Module 2

A wellbeing framework for schools

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework supports educators as well as students to build the mental and physical health of principals and teachers. Whole-school wellbeing is the hallmark of a positive, inclusive and respectful learning community.

Module 3

A personal wellbeing plan

Educators face significant and ongoing challenges in schools and a personal wellbeing plan can assist in developing tailored strategies to build individual wellbeing and enhance professional fulfilment.

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