This course is suitable for people who are teaching respectful relationships education and who want to deepen their understanding to work with students to make classrooms a safer place.

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What's in the course?

  • Six free informative modules
  • Complete at your own pace
Module 1

Respectful Relationships Education: Introduction

Why are schools taking on this initiative and what does it look like in various contexts?

Module 2

Respectful Relationships Education: Choosing content

Access some great respectful relationships education content from around Australia and think about what you might use in your classroom.

Module 3

Respectful Relationships Education: Teaching strategies

How you teach respectful relationships content is just as important as what you teach. Help your students develop skills, attitudes and behaviours in respectful relationships education.

Module 4

Respectful Relationships Education: Specific challenges

How do you get buy-in for implementing this initiative? Manage staff and student reactions to respectful relationships content.

Module 5

Respectful Relationships Education: For specific cohorts

Learn how to draw out the strengths of specific groups of students.

Module 6

Respectful Relationships Education: Beyond your classroom

Sustaining respectful relationships education is a whole-school challenge. Use tools for planning and evaluation across key change structures in schools.

What you'll receive

  • Videos of classroom practice, podcasts and lesson plans
  • Best practice activities in Australian states and territories
  • A boost in confidence in teaching respectful relationships education
  • Tools for developing the focus in your school
Lesson plans
Case studies