Everyone belongs

It's great when you feel you belong and that other people like you and want to include you in games and activities at school and on the weekends.

We can all try our best to include everyone, even when they might be different from us. Some kids come from other countries and might speak another language. Some might live in families that aren't like ours, but we all need to belong and school is a good place to welcome everyone.

When you learn about others you make them feel welcome and included. Why not ask them to join in your games, or sit with them at break times? There are kids whose families might be different from yours and it's important to get to know them and find out more about them. This helps to make your school a happy place to be.

No-one is the same, so think about what makes you different and what makes your classmates different. Being different makes school interesting.

  • Everyone has special talents. It is interesting and fun to learn about these
  • Your classmates might come from another country or speak another language. Discover even more about them
  • Make sure everyone feels welcome
  • Try hard to listen to others, and don't make fun of people or talk about them behind their backs