Taking action against bullying

Bullying, aggression and violence are never OK at school or anywhere.

Everyone in the school community has the right to feel safe and protected. It is the job of teachers and your parents to make sure you are protected against bullying so that everyone can learn in a respectful and positive environment. There's lots you can do to take action to stop someone bullying you or someone else.

You might have disagreements and even arguments with other kids, but is this bullying? It's good to understand just what bullying is so you can take the right steps to fix the situation. Bullying is when someone picks on you, abuses you verbally or physically, over and over, leaving you feeling unsafe, upset or angry.

Find out more:

  • What you can do if you are being bullied by someone
  • Effective upstander action you can take if someone you know is being bullied
  • How to talk to your teachers, parents or friends about bullying
  • Reporting bullying and finding support services