Respectful relationships

Respecting others is important to get along with friends, family, teachers and others in your life.

Developing respectful, positive relationships can help you to feel connected to others, supported and safe. All of us need to work on skills that will help us to have positive relationships with other people.

It's sometimes difficult to understand and manage our emotions or to know how to deal with other people's emotions. Learning how to cope with challenges and solve problems can help you handle stressful situations.

Relationships can be complicated, so it helps to explore aspects of your own identity and the kind of gender roles and stereotypes that exist.

Developing respectful relationships skills builds wellbeing and can help you to learn. It includes:

  • understanding your emotions and strengths
  • understanding how other people think, feel and behave
  • skills for interacting positively with others
  • knowing where to get help about gender identity and for situations like family violence.