Starting school

Explore resources to support school students on the autism spectrum as they begin their primary schooling journey.

Interoception and self-regulation

Get ready to learn

This new suite of interoception resources is designed to help children and young people feel more connected to their bodies, and to interpret and express their emotions helpfully. It includes 39 video activities and instructional posters, an educator guide and information for parents.

Brain break bops

Activities for early years

Brain break bops are short animated videos featuring an interoception movement, plus other fun dance moves and memorable song lyrics. These inclusive activities are great for the whole class to get involved and practice self-regulation strategies.

Professional learning course

Interoception and self-regulation

This free online course is suitable for primary and secondary educators with an interest in supporting children and young people with emotional self-regulation, mental health and wellbeing, and social and emotional skills. Featuring videos with autism and interoception expert, Dr Emma Goodall, the course unpacks key concepts and inclusive strategies which promote engagement with learning.