Explore the five elements of the Framework in depth and discover practical strategies and resources for building positive, safe, inclusive and respectful learning communities where wellbeing can flourish.

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework supports schools to build learning communities that promote student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships. This enhances student learning outcomes and provides a strong foundation for students to reach their aspirations in learning and in life.

The elements and principles of the Framework support you to embed effective practices to build the safety and wellbeing of everyone in your school community. Discover how the Framework can help you create a positive learning environment for everyone.

Choose from five free modules
Self paced modules
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What's in the course?

  • Five free informative modules
  • Complete the self-paced modules at any time
Module 1


Explore what leadership means in a school context and build your understanding of the different ways that leadership can be shared for the wellbeing of the whole school community.

Module 2


Build your understanding of how to create and maintain a cohesive and connected school community where diversity is valued and celebrated. Discover practical strategies for inclusive teaching to enhance wellbeing and learning.

Module 3

Student Voice

Explore ways to engage students in authentic opportunities to be active participants in their own learning and wellbeing. Students can develop the skills to be respectful, safe and resilient.

Module 4


Explore how creating and sustaining effective family and community partnerships can help schools to share understandings of wellbeing and safety and support student learning.

Module 5


Learn about whole-school support for positive behaviour and discover strategies for differentiated support to enhance the wellbeing and learning outcomes of every student.

What you'll receive

Lesson plans
Case studies