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About the framework

Discover the essential components of the new Australian Student Wellbeing Framework in this video.

The five interconnected elements of the Framework focus on:

  • Leadership
  • Inclusion
  • Student voice
  • Partnerships
  • Support

Exciting News!

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework is now live! Discover how it supports Australian schools to create learning communities that promote student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships.

The Framework supports principals, school leaders, teachers, and students and their families to build a respectful and inclusive learning environment where all students can reach their potential.

View the Framework here.

Australian Student Wellbeing Framework


Australian schools are learning communities that promote student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships so that students can reach their potential.

The five interconnected elements of leadership, inclusion, student voice, partnerships and support provide the foundation for enhanced student wellbeing and learning outcomes.

Find out more about these elements and how your school can enact the principles and effective practices that accompany each one.

Leadership Visible leadership to inspire positive school communities

InclusionInclusive and connected school culture

Student voiceAuthentic student participation

PartnershipsEffective family and community partnerships

SupportWellbeing and support for positive behaviour

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About the framework


Inspirational quote"Wellbeing and learning are inseparable"
Inspirational quote"A positive mindset builds resilience"

Media Pack

Great ideas for keeping your school community up to date with the new Framework. Find a school newsletter banner, a poster and flyer and social media tiles with more added soon!
About the framework


Yes! The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework replaces the National Safe Schools Framework following a recent review. The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework builds on and extends the guiding principles of the previous Framework.
Based on the findings from research and extensive consultation the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework has been named to reflect the many components that contribute to student wellbeing, including safety, and to acknowledge the strong link between wellbeing and learning.
There are five elements in the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework. Each is accompanied by a Principle and a set of Effective Practices to assist schools to engage with and implement the Framework in their individual school contexts. The interconnecting elements highlight the relationship of all five elements for contributing to student and whole-school community wellbeing.

The Framework is a contemporary, national framework that reflects the changing nature of education today and the current issues and challenges that face school communities as they address the wellbeing and safety needs of students. The new Framework includes:

  • greater focus on valuing diversity and promoting inclusion
  • emphasis on the role of students as active participants in their own learning and as collaborators in building safe, respectful school communities
  • acknowledgement of the role and impact of technology on student safety and wellbeing
  • renewed focus on the need for targeted professional learning to build teacher capacity to regularly monitor, review and evaluate approaches to issues of safety and wellbeing and to use evidence-informed practice to improve learning outcomes for all students
  • enhanced focus on creating and sustaining positive and culturally respectful relationships with families and communities to support identified need and enhanced wellbeing

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework aligns closely with the Australian Curriculum, the AITSL Standards and state and territory initiatives to build a shared understanding of how to support student learning, safety and wellbeing.

The Student Wellbeing Hub is where you will find a range of free resources to support you to understand the new Australian Student Wellbeing Framework and to consider ways to use this in your school.

You will find the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework booklet to download, a video snapshot, a poster, a school media pack, and a summary report of the review of the previous Framework.

A range of educator professional learning modules and a suite of new resources will soon be available on the Student Wellbeing Hub.

Professional Learning Update

If you have started the previous Framework modules or the School Audit Tool you can safely complete these and receive your certificate and report.