Audience Educators
Learning Area Health and Physical Education
General Capabilities Personal, Social and Community Health


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Health and Physical Education

ACPPS020 (Yr 1-2) Identify and practise emotional responses that account for own and others’ feelings

ACPPS015 (Yr 1-2) Describe their own strengths and achievements and those of others, and identify how these contribute to personal identities

ACPPS036 (Yr 3-4) Identify and practise strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing

ACPPS037 (Yr 3-4) Describe how respect, empathy and valuing diversity can positively influence relationships

ACPPS055 (Yr 5-6) Practise skills to establish and manage relationships

ACPPS056 (Yr 5-6) Examine the influence of emotional responses on behaviour and relationships