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Respectful relationships for Primary

This primary prevention initiative aims to promote positive attitudes, behaviours and equality within the school community. Provide learning opportunities that develop social and emotional skills in Australian children and young people.

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  • Watch primary teachers in action
  • Find practical resources for F–6
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Respectful relationships for Secondary

Everyone in the school community deserves to be respected, valued and treated equally. A whole-school approach to teaching, modelling and valuing respectful behaviour creates an inclusive and positive learning environment where wellbeing can thrive.

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Research and evidence

Stay up to date with the latest in research and the growing evidence in RRE.

Culturally responsive teaching

The resources on this page are designed to help you understand your own values and teach students with divergent views and experiences.

Borroloola - We Alright

This page explores the impact of a school-wide program that seeks to enable Aboriginal students to become “double culture people”, proud and knowledgeable in their own culture/s and adept in the codes of Western culture and curriculum.

Resources for Yolŋu women and girls

This page features resources made specifically for Yolŋu women and girls that support understandings of sexual health and reproduction.

Using visual aids

Resources on this page aim to support students with limited literacy skills. They are designed for use with the free online SECCA app, which supports access to relationships and sexuality education for children of all ages and abilities. 

Relationships and sexuality education

Feedback from young people and their families

Explore this set of videos that describe the experiences of young people with specific needs in the area of relationships and sexuality education. You will find videos exploring the perspectives of young Aboriginal people and their families, of students of culturally diverse backgrounds, and of students with disability. Additional videos include the voices of same-sex attracted and gender diverse students and young people from rural communities. Scroll down to find out what families view as important.  What are the specific needs and perspectives of your school community?