Wellbeing positively influences student learning outcomes, and success in learning enhances student wellbeing.

As educators, we know about the important reciprocal and interconnected relationship between wellbeing and learning. Wellbeing is a multi-faceted concept involving much more than just physical health. It’s a combination of a person's emotional, mental and social health and it also reflects how they feel about themselves and their life in general. Wellbeing is linked to improved academic achievement, enhanced mental health and responsible life choices.

Helping students to feel connected and engaged in their learning, and collaborating effectively with parents, will enable students to develop the social and emotional skills to grow into happy, respectful, well-balanced and successful members of their school and wider community. Wellbeing includes:

  • Being involved in supportive relationships
  • Feeling that your life has meaning and purpose
  • Feeling connected to others in your community
  • A sense of control of your emotions
  • Engaging in activities that are important to you.

As an educator, you want to ensure students are safe and happy throughout their time at school and beyond. Strategies for laying the foundations for student wellbeing and collaborating with parents to build on and enhance these vital skills include:

  • Model strong, healthy and trusting relationships
  • Teach social and emotional skills to build resilience and wellbeing
  • Embed inclusive teaching practices to build a connected, cohesive and culturally safe school culture
  • Provide opportunities for students to participate actively in their learning
  • Make time for open communication with parents about their child
  • Build positive relationships with community groups to share an understanding of student safety and wellbeing.

Australian student wellbeing

A whole-school community approach to fostering wellbeing enables children and young people to strengthen their sense of connectedness and build their capacity to learn in a safe, respectful and supportive environment. The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework supports schools and families to provide a strong foundation for students to reach their potential in learning and in life.


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Professional learning

Free online courses from the Student Wellbeing Hub.


Australian Student Wellbeing Framework

Explore the five elements of the Framework in depth and discover practical strategies and resources for building positive, safe, inclusive and respectful learning communities where wellbeing can flourish.

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Evaluation Starter Kit

The Evaluation Starter Kit course supports teachers who want to learn about using evidence to evaluate programs and approaches to enhance student wellbeing and learning outcomes. The course provides you with practical tasks that build understanding and skills.

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