Research and surveys

National survey reports

Stay up to date with the latest research about the wellbeing and safety of school-aged young people and their communities.

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Wellbeing research and surveys

Understanding the middle years

A world-first study, The Childhood to Adolescence Transition Study (CATS) shows that it’s at this stage students lay the foundations for their future success and educators can respond to these developmental patterns.

Youth survey report (Mission Australia)

This is an annual survey of young people (aged 15–19) across Australia, asks young people about their values and issues of concern including drug and alcohol issues, and use of the internet.

Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey (ARC, 2020)

This annual survey of school principals is supported by an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, and is published by Australian Catholic University.

Growing up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (AIFS)

To ensure that each child has every chance to experience a happy and healthy start to life, it is essential that policy makers and researchers have access to quality data about children’s development in contemporary society.

Please just say you're proud of me (ARACY, 2019)

Students share the messages of support they'd like to hear from their parents, carers or a support person as they navigate their final years of secondary school.

To have and to have not (ARACY, 2019)

This summary report examines how well Australian children are across five key areas of wellbeing.

Report Card: The wellbeing of young Australians (ARACY, 2018)

Every five years, the Report Card presents data on Australia’s performance against a range of health and wellbeing indicators for young people (0–24) and compares the data with other OECD countries.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescent and youth health and wellbeing (AIHW, 2018)

This Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report provides data on the health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 10–24.

Parenting in the digital age (eSafety Commissioner, 2018)

This research focuses on parents’ experiences raising children in a world steeped in online activity and connection. It confirms the pivotal role parents play in keeping their children safe online and highlights their very real concerns about their capacity to deal with online safety issues.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Educational Outcomes (Young Minds Matter, 2017)

This survey sampled of 6,310 families with children and adolescents (4–17 years) participated in 2013–14 which, included analysis of NAPLAN results. The findings highlighted the impact mental disorders can have on students’ attendance, connectedness, engagement and performance at school.