Taking action against bullying

There's a lot you can do to stop someone bullying you or someone else.

Everyone needs to feel safe and looked after at school. Bullying is not OK and should never happen, but we know that bullying can happen on the way to school, in the playground, on the phone and on the internet.

Some kids are still learning how to behave like a good friend and they can sometimes be unhappy, but there is no excuse for bullying. Kids who bully others might think it's funny or cool to hurt other people. Or maybe they're angry and don't care who they hurt. 

You might have an argument that makes you feel upset and sad, but this isn't bullying. Bullying is when someone keeps picking on someone else over and over again, saying or doing mean and hurtful things that make another person upset or angry.

Find out what you can do if:

  • you are being bullied by someone
  • someone you know is being bullied
  • you need to tell your teacher
  • you want to talk to your parents about bullying.