Year 5 - Year 6

Find out how to stop bullies, how to be safe online and lots more. There are videos, websites and quizzes to help you stay well and happy.

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Keeping your mind and body healthy

Strong and healthy minds and bodies are important for learning and getting the most out of life.
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Taking action against bullying

There's a lot you can do to stop someone bullying you or someone else.
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Accepting and including others

People of different backgrounds bring new information, ideas and viewpoints that help us understand ourselves and others.
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Respectful relationships

Developing respectful, positive relationships can help you to feel connected to others, supported and safe.
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Making responsible choices

You make lots of decisions every day. Some are simple choices such as what to eat for breakfast or what to pack for your school lunch, but others need more thought.
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Being safe online

When you have a good understanding of what the internet can do, you can take steps to keep yourself safe from illegal content and unwanted content that makes you feel upset or unsafe.
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