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Making decisions can sometimes be a complex and complicated task for young people. Confronted with difficult choices, students need to know how to work through the process of considering options and the consequences and the impacts of each. Making informed decisions assists students to feel confident and in control of situations and builds responsibility for and ownership of their actions.

The National Safe Schools Framework advocates the teaching of skills and understandings related to personal safety and protective behaviours. Schools can use the Framework to help students become responsible for their own health and safety and to build the skills they need.

Students may find themselves dealing with peer pressure, especially in relation to risk-taking behaviour around alcohol, drugs and in other situations where they need to make safe and informed choices.

Find out about

  • Ways to develop and maintain healthy relationships
  • Tips for dealing with peer pressure
  • Steps for making good decisions
  • Myths and facts about alcohol and other drugs
  • Advice to support students to make informed, safe choices about alcohol and other drugs

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