Anxiety and mental health

Resources, webinars and professional learning on anxiety and mental health.

Attending school can be a stressful experience for many children and young people. A little bit of stress is normal, and learning how to cope with it and feel less overwhelmed is part of emotional self-regulation.  

However, for some students, the stress they feel when attending school can be extreme and create high levels of anxiety. Ongoing feelings of anxiety can impact a student’s ability to engage within the school environment. They may struggle to concentrate, socialise with their friends, and emotionally self-regulate. 



School attendance

Community psychologist Dr Lyn O'Grady shares her insights on issues around school attendance, drawing upon research and practice
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Coping with anxiety

Anxiety and anxiety disorders are on the rise among students in Australia.
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Supporting girls’ mental health

A panellist of educators and a community psychologist share their insights on issues facing girls’ mental health, drawing upon their experiences, research and practice.
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Coping with emotional challenges in career development

Practical tips and resources from my future – Australia’s national career information service – to help young people navigate the emotional challenges that can arise throughout career development learning.
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Coping with emotional challenges in career development - R U OK? Day 2023

In this webinar, Dr Michael Healy, myfuture’s National Career Education Manager, and Jill Wilson, Student Wellbeing Hub Content Manager, discuss how career development influences, and is influenced by, wellbeing and emotional resilience.

When do day to day worries turn into anxiety – and how can primary schools help students?

In this webinar targeted at primary schools, psychologist Dr Lyn O'Grady delves deep into children's worries and what primary schools can do to support them.

What does school attendance tell us about how students feel about school – and what can we do about it?

In this webinar, community psychologist Dr Lyn O'Grady unpacks the various factors which relate to school absenteeism, drawing upon both research and practice.

Supporting self-regulation skills in the classroom: Webinar recording

This webinar explores how building interoception skills can help children and young people to self-regulate their emotions and feelings, be calm and engage with learning, have positive wellbeing, and improve their academic performance.

The secondary school’s role in understanding and responding to student anxiety

In this webinar targeted at secondary schools, psychologist Dr Lyn O'Grady unpacks the impact of life's uncertainties on students' mental health and the secondary school's role in helping students with anxiety.

Mindfulness meditation: Webinar recording

Recording of Nicole Lee's webinar on mindfulness meditation

Professional learning


Principal and teacher wellbeing

When educators have a strong sense of wellbeing they are more able to support the health and wellbeing of their colleagues and their students, and to deliver the best possible learning outcomes for all.

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Building student resilience

Explore the latest research about resilience. Learn how school communities have responded to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and other events. Plan strategies from the classroom to the whole school environment to sustain resilient attitudes and practices.

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Interoception and self-regulation

Support children and young people to to feel more connected to their bodies, and to interpret and express their emotions helpfully.
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Implementing the Student Wellbeing Framework

These illustrations of practice demonstrate the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework in schools.
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