Guide for teachers and educators

Engaging parents and families

Parents may be curious or concerned about the content in your schools’ respectful relationships education program. This guide provides you with tips and strategies for working with parents and families, especially those from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Guide for parents and families

Getting 'buy-in' from parents

Print this guide for parent and families in your school community. It is designed to explain why respectful relationships education is a focus in schools, the types of content included in a typical program and some of the benefits of the program to students and families.


Lesson plans

Use these resources to understand your own values and teach students with divergent views and experiences.

Using visual aids

Relationships and sexuality education for all ages and abilities

These resources have been developed to support the use of the free, online SECCA app. Includes tips for developing culturally sensitive practice, when working with students of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.