Professional learning

Deepen your understanding of respectful relationships education and learn how to work with students to make classrooms a safer place.

Students' perspective

A video about the impact of respectful relationships education

Discover what students from around Australia think about their respectful relationships classes.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Find resources specifically designed for working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 

Students with disability

Find resources and information to support students with a diverse range of skills and abilities to access respectful relationships education.

Culturally and linguistically diverse students

Access research and resources for delivering respectful relationships education in culturally diverse communities.

LGBTIQ+ students and families

Resources and information for students and their families who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender/gender diverse, intersex and/or queer.

Research and evidence

Access the latest evidence revealing what works in respectful relationships education.

Parents and carers

Learn why respectful relationships education is important for your child at school. Explore video resources and find links to useful tips for parents and carers.

State and territory information

Explore respectful relationships education information specific to your state or territory.