Valuing diversity and inclusion

Everyone is unique, with their own special strengths, abilities, interests and ideas.

Take a minute to think about your school friends, their families and your teachers. People in your classes may be of different nationalities, races, and genders, and they might hold a range of religious beliefs. When we acknowledge and embrace diversity and include people from different backgrounds, they bring us new information, ideas and viewpoints that help us understand ourselves and others.

Research tells us that when people feel accepted and included by others they learn better and can achieve more. It's important to feel connected to your friends and your school. You can take an active role in learning more about others in your class who might be different from you.

It's important to learn more about people who are different from you so you can feel connected and learn in a safe and inclusive environment.

  • Everyone deserves to learn in a safe and supportive space
  • Difference exists in many forms
  • Valuing diversity enriches school communities
  • Support for inclusion of individuals or groups