Year 10 - Year 12

This is your space for finding information, resources, help and advice about important topics that impact your health and wellbeing. Senior school and life in general can have ups and downs, so find some good videos, websites and useful information to help you.

Scroll down to find topics that have lots of great resources just for you.

Physical and mental health

Good nutrition and exercise are essential components for learning.
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Taking action against bullying and violence

Everyone has the right to learn in a safe, supportive and respectful environment free from harassment and abuse.
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Valuing diversity and inclusion

Everyone is unique, with their own special strengths, abilities, interests and ideas.
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Respectful relationships

Respecting others is important to get along with friends, family, teachers and others in your life.
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Responsible decision-making

Decision-making is all about making choices, finding solutions and selecting the best option.
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Safety in the online world

It's important to be a good digital citizen and behave online just as you do in the rest of your life.
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