Responsible decision-making

Decision-making is all about making choices, finding solutions and selecting the best option.

Some are simple choices such as what to eat for breakfast or whether you need to buy those new jeans, but others involve a more considered approach. Sometimes, bigger decisions are difficult. There may be pros and cons for each option. You might also be pressured by your friends into making a decision that you're not comfortable with.

Decisions get more complex the older you get and when there is much more at stake. Being well-informed about things like alcohol and drugs, smoking and potentially risky pursuits can help you make responsible choices for health, safety and wellbeing.

Sounds complicated, but don't forget your parents and teachers are there to help you make positive, informed and responsible choices. You can take steps to build your confidence and make responsible decisions.

  • Understand how to deal with peer pressure so you can make independent choices
  • Practise decision-making skills and strategies to build your confidence
  • Make informed, responsible decisions around alcohol, smoking and other drugs
  • Find help that will support you to make responsible decisions