Respectful relationships

Respecting others is important to get along with friends, family, teachers and others in your life.

Everyone needs to work on skills to have positive relationships with others. When you practise these skills, you'll feel connected to others, supported and safe. 

It's sometimes difficult to understand and manage your emotions or to know how to deal with other people's emotions. Learning these skills is a great foundation for building respectful relationships. Developing skills for coping with challenges and solving problems will help you handle stressful situations and feel comfortable about seeking help when needed.

Personal and intimate relationships are complex. Understanding how gender identities, norms and stereotypes are formed can be helpful.

Developing respectful relationships skills builds wellbeing and can help you to learn. It includes:

  • understanding your emotions and strengths and those of others
  • exploring gender norms and stereotypes
  • setting standards and boundaries in relationships
  • knowing where to get help for gender-based violence and how to access support services.