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Welcome to the Student Wellbeing Hub Professional Learning Modules (PLMs). As professionals in the field of education you understand that ongoing PD opportunities strengthen your practice.

  • Research confirms that the most significant factor contributing to student success is the quality of teaching and school leadership.
  • Keeping up to date with emerging technologies, new curriculum initiatives and best-practice, evidence-based research will build your capacity to be effective and to make a positive difference to learning outcomes for all students.  

It’s easy to get started! Simply register an email address and password then complete the PLMs at your own pace. You will receive a certificate aligned to the relevant AITSL Professional Standards and the Elements of the National Safe Schools Framework. Your details remain strictly confidential. See our privacy statement for further details.


These self-paced professional learning modules provide an in-depth introduction to the National Safe Schools Framework. They will build your understanding of the key elements of a safe, supportive and respectful school community that focuses on the wellbeing of all its members. Whether you are a school leader or teacher, specialist professional or pre-service teacher, these modules offer you practical suggestions for prioritising wellbeing in your school.


These self-paced professional learning modules provide an in-depth introduction to the important topics of Online Safety, and Alcohol and Other Drugs education for teachers and school leaders, specialist professionals and pre-service teachers.

Aligned to the National Safe Schools Framework, these modules will:

  • build your understanding of issues relating to the safety of students, either as they navigate the demands of the digital world or as they manage the influence of alcohol and other drugs
  • provide you with information, classroom resources and helpful advice about communicating with parents. Working with parents can help students have safe and respectful online interactions, and can enable informed decision-making around issues dealing with alcohol and other drugs.